KUBRA EZ-PAY Release - July 2019

Please note: Based on your biller's configuration some of these updates may not apply.
Payment Cart

With this new version we have integrated a “shopping cart” functionality into the payment flow. The shopping cart, which we are calling the Payment Cart, will allow you to easily organize and pay multiple items (accounts, invoices, etc.) all at once while still comfortably supporting single item payments. The end result is a unified payment experience for all supported features of KUBRA EZ-PAY.

UI Improvements

Improving upon the latest release, we have taken your feedback and applied a few updates and tweaks to the KUBRA EZ-PAY UI. The new UI improves the payment flow and integrates the various new features such as the Payment Cart. The overall experience has only changed slightly so the new UI will not require you to learn a new flow.

New landing page:


We are introducing a new domain that will host KUBRA EZ-PAY. The new URL will now be “ez-pay.io”.

Please update your saved Bookmarks and URLs if needed.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Added the ability to change the email address associated with the Payment Center
  • Added the ability to update saved payment cards
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements